Racer's Toolbox and Fundraising Tips

Racers Toolbox 2018

Get creative!  Spread the word!  Blog!  Post on Facebook!  Tweet!

Here are 12 fundraising tips 

  • Ask. Ask. Ask.  Lose your inhibition to ask people for money.  Be proud of raising money for a cause. Think that “I'm proud to raise it” and that the person you are asking to donate “will be proud to donate.” Ask anyone and everyone you know to donate ...you never know who will give.  Reach out to not only friends and family members, but also co-workers, neighbors, club members and local businesses. MCC has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the Rochester community.  It's impossible to predict who will relate to our cause.  Get support from those you support all year long— dry cleaners, accountants, doctors, hair stylists and dog walkers without a doubt appreciate your business and would be happy to support you.
  • Share the "why."   Tell potential donors why raising money for MCC students is meaningful to you. Explain how their donation will make a difference.  To be an effective advocate, you must have conviction about raising money to support scholarships and the students who benefit from it. Let people know what an MCC education can do for our students, their families and our community.   
  • Take advantage of our online fundraising tools.  Once you register as a participant, a personal fundraising page is automatically generated for you. You can set your fundraising goal, upload pictures and tell your story all on this one page. Personalize your page!  Pages that are personalized are three times more likely to receive a donation! Then once your page is complete, you can send out emails to all of your contacts inviting them to join or donate to your team. Be sure to email it to friends, family members, and colleagues.
  • Set your goal higher than the minimum you hope to raise.  Donors will be more apt to support you to help you reach your goal. 
  • Start the fundraising process early.  Timing is everything. Connect with people the minute you start.
  • Use social media.  Tell your story and post the link to your fundraising page on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to get your message out.  Shout out to your friends and followers, invite them to sign up and/or support your fundraising efforts. People will "like" and retweet your story to others who may donate.  And remember to ask them to forward the request on to others who may support the cause.
  • Get donations matched if applicable.  Ask your company to match what you raise.
  • Follow-up with people.   As we all know, most people are very busy, and even though they plan to support you, your initial request may have gotten lost in the shuffle of their lives.  
  • Be persistent.  Sending out one email may not be enough to motivate all of your contacts to support your efforts. Sending out a reminder or update on your efforts is a great way to remind your friends and family that you still need their support and motivate them to take action. Let them know how your training is going, how much you have already raised, how far you have to go to hit your goal, and then ask for a donation to help you complete your mission.  If someone promises to donate, put a reminder in your calendar and follow up within two weeks if they have not contributed.  FACT: It takes on average 3 solicitation emails to generate 1 donation.
  • Thank yous are very important.  Remember to acknowledge all your donors and thank them for their generosity.  Send a personalized thank you note to every contributor via email, handwritten note or phone call.  They should be sincere and sent out in a timely manner.
  • Keep people updated in a savvy manner.  Once you have thanked your donors, be sure to keep sharing your progress and important milestones (50 percent of your goal achieved, that you have increased your goal, etc). This will show them that their support truly made a difference in your efforts and may inspire them to make additional donations or pass along your website to others.
  • Think outside the box, consider this: 
    • Voicemail greetings - some people have great success in receiving support and donations by changing the outgoing message on their answering machines/voicemail.
    • Think of fun ways to involve your co-workers - with a jeans day or early-out day for a donation of $5.00 or more. 
    • Host a Brown Bag Lunch Day - where you ask co-workers to bring in their lunch instead of purchasing lunch, and donate the saved funds to your team.
    • Place a “change collection” canister or box in your office or by the office vending machines and encourage co-workers to spare their change.

Fundraising exercise - raise $250 in a week!

Day 1: Sponsor yourself $20
Day 2: Ask 4 relatives for $20 ($80)
Day 3: Ask 4 friends for $15 ($60)
Day 4: Ask 4 co-workers for $10 ($40)
Day 5: Ask 5 neighbors for $5 ($25 )
Day 6: Ask your doctor, hairdresser, dentist, or dry cleaner for a $25 donation
Day 7: You did it! You raised $250!