Be a Team Captain

Be a team captain

What is a Team Captain?

A team captain is a lead organizer and motivator for the walk/run.  Team captains help make a meaningful impact on MCC students by helping to raise support for scholarships.  We are thrilled to welcome you as a team captain, and we are committed to helping you every step of the way.

Team captains are responsible for recruiting people to join their team, naming their team, setting a team fundraising goal and continually communicating with and encouraging team members prior to and during the day of the walk/run. Team captains are our primary contact and liaison to their team members.  The team captain will receive ongoing information and updates during the time leading up to the 5K. 

What does a team captain do?

Creates the size of the team. Do you want 3-5 people? 55 people? It’s all up to you! 

Chooses a name for their team. 

Leads their team to a fundraising goal. Share your enthusiasm and excitement with your team as you strive together to reach your fundraising goal. Our teams collectively raise thousands of dollars. Some teams raised $150 and some teams raised over $1,000. Ask each member of your team to raise a specific amount of money to help achieve the team fundraising goal. For example, a team of 10 walkers can easily raise $2,000 if each walker raises $200. You can set a fundraising goal of any amount!

Keeps their team aware, motivated and excited. Help your team members make the most of their 5K experience. Help them register and create their fundraising page. Have fun and build team spirit. Create a team T-shirt, banner or hat to help identify and encourage your team. Set up a Facebook page for your team, upload pictures from previous years’ events and even make a video appeal for more donations. 

Attends a team captain training session offered by the 5K Walk/Run Planning Committee. 

Makes sure there is a team photo on race day.  Make sure you have your team picture taken by the photographer on site on Homecoming Day.

Wait...Why should I form a team?

Walking or running as a team is the best way to get the most out of the 5K Walk/Run for Scholarships.  A team inspires more people, helps you get organized, and raises more money. Teams can represent your community, the college, your neighborhood or be formed to honor the memory of a loved one.